Welcome to the cedar valley conservation club!

Our shooting club has been a part of Austin, Minnesota since 1940 and is a great place to shoot.

Thank you for visiting our website. We assume you are interested in practical/action type shooting - if this is the case you are in the right place ! View our club rules Click here

The Cedar Valley Conservation Club offers a wide variety of shooting opportunities for all shooters, no matter their age or gender. We also strive to insure that every shooting experience is safe for those at the club and for our neighbors as well. Cedar Valley Conservation Club has an extensive shooting program for you to hone your marksmanship skills. We regularly shoot Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand Sporting Clays. Our range also offers you two stations for rifle practice from 50 yards, two stations for rifle at 100 yards and one station for 200 yard rifle practice. Additionally, we have four stations for pistol practice that are 25 yards. We work closely with the Minnesota DNR and offer youth training programs for probationers that have little or no prior shooting experience.


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Attention Trap and Skeet Shooters - Short league through end of April


We will be having short trap league which runs through the end of April 2019. League participants will need to shoot 200 clay pigeons by the end of April 2019. Get your team together and sign up today.
The club will still be open on Sunday and Tuesday for trap/skeet shooting but could close earlier than normal if there are not enough shooters to justify keeping it open on a given day.


Snow Removal Expenses

We have been experiencing several unexpected equipment breakdowns with all the snow we have been having. Unfortunately, our equipment is showing its age. We have asked for your help in the past to help us with out of budget expenses that we encure and you have always responded graciously. There is a donation can at the club on the counter if you can help us with a donation of $10 - $20 or $50 it would be greatly appreciated. If you would just like to drop us a check in the mail, you can certainly do that too. Just write "Snow Removal Expenses" in the memo. Just send your check to:
Cedar Valley Conservation Club
25026 US Hwy 218,
Austin, MN 55912
Thank you in advance for your generous support.
IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO, NOW IS THE TIME TO RENEW YOUR CVCC DUES FOR 2019. You can do this in person, by visiting the clubhouse during Trap or Skeet shooting times on Sunday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and on Tuesdays from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. (Please try to get there early as the weather may have us shutting down if the turn out is low for these events.)


New Metal Targets Installed on North Pistol Range.




Recent events & News

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Trap/Skeet Price Increase

All Ranges are now OPEN during Trap and Skeet shooting.

Effective May 1st members' price will increase $.50 to $4.00 and non-members will be $5.00 for a round of trap or skeet.  Youth prices will stay at $3.00 for the remainder of the school year but will increase to $3.50 per round next year. This increase is due to our costs for birds increasing.


New Metal Pistol Targets!

We have installed new metal targets on the North pistol range. These new targets can be set to accomodate lower powered .22 caliber rounds or more powerful rounds up to .50 cal. These targets can be remotely reset.


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Check out our *NEW* Maintenance Page!

We have just added a Gun Maintenance page with many videos about cleaning firearms from pistols to rifles to shotguns. If there is a firearm that you do not see listed here, click on our Contact Us link and send us a note on what particular cleaning/maintenance video you would like to see.

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Tuesday after 6:00 PM - Year Round

Sunday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM - Year Round


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