Conceal and Carry classes are held periodically at the Cedar Valley Conservation Club. Below are listed some of our class trainers and their contact information for you to sign up for training. Click Here For Schedule
This link is to the USCCA (United States Conceal and Carry Association). If you are serious about conceal and carry, this organization has many helpful ideas about the world of conceal and carry from how to comfortably carry a firearm to insurance and legal advice.


Conceal & Carry Training

Mark J. Stevens- CCW

Certified Instructor

Ryan McCusker - BCA & NRA Certified Instructor
Mark J. Stevens

Conceal and Carry Firearms Training

On the Mark Training

704 15th Street NW, Austin MN 55912


Ryan McCusker - BCA & NRA Certified Instructor

Chandler's Conceal and Carry

1807 Market Blvd, #309 Hastings. MN 55033






Firearms Safety Certification for Youth – Program Overview

Or, call 1-800-366-8917 toll free

MN DNR Training Division For more information about the program,

There are two types of Classes available for Students

  • Classroom Training - consists of a minimum of 12 hours of classroom and field experience in the safe handling of firearms and hunter responsibility.
  • Online Training – consists of completion of the online training course -


MN DNR Safety Training Calendar – Search for classes through out the state.



Get a Grip

One of the most common errors we see among both new and experienced shooters is poor grip technique. In my opinion the ability to shoot well is all about the grip.

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Here is a good video that goes over basic pistol shooting fundamentals.

Strong Hand

If you can't remember the last time you practiced shooting with just your strong hand or weak hand , the next few drills...

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This video shows you two handed shooting as well as strong hand and weak hand shooting drills.




Check out USCCA Instructor Kevin McGlowski, editor of Conceal and Carry Magazine, as he goes through the Turn and Shoot Drill.

Improve your shooting skills!

Drill of the Month

In this drill this month, we will take a look at a simple look shoot drill. Shooting left then right for accuracy and speed.




In this drill, we again join USCCA Instructor Kevin McGlowski, editor of Conceal and Carry Magazine, as he takes us through the left - right target acquisition drill. This drill requires the use of two targets either steel or paper set about 10 yards apart. The drill will have you shoot left then right, left then right for a total of 10 seconds. The object of the drill is to get you to put as many rounds accurately on target in the short period. What this will help you do is incorporate target acquisition and firing to enable you to more quickly pick up targets and put a round on target.




The ultimate Concealed Carry Drill demonstrated by Ken Hackathorn. This drill is called the "Wizard Drill." At three yards you aim for the head and you have 2.5 seconds to draw and fire one shot only from a conceal position. You then move to 5 yards and 2.5 seconds to deliver a shot to the head using two hands if you wish. You then deliver a head shot from 7 yards in 2.5 seconds from the conceal position. At 10 yards you fire 2 shots to the chest in 2.5 seconds or less using both hands. Scoring is pretty stringent so, don't be to sad if you don't pass it the first time.



This Modified FBI two gun duel drill is one that is sure to challenge even the most proficient shooters. This drill is shot at 7, 10 and 12 yards at metal targets in hopes of delivering a shot to vital area of the silhouette target.